Saturday, September 14, 2013

Australian Scrapbooking Ideas - Issue 22

Hi everyone, 

Today I am sharing a layout which is
featured in the magazine
"Australian Scrapbooking Ideas" Issue 22, which is out now.

This layout is a photo of my Nephew when he
was around 3 years old. Such a cutie on the swing.

My commissioning projects are all 
about colour, in particularly the colour wheel 
and how we play with colours. 
Fabulous techniques and step by step on how to create them are all in the magazine.
This one is about contrasting colours 
on the colour wheel
in particular "Red and Green"

Now I know it is a boy page, so I put this question to everyone and please leave a comment below.
Can Boy pages have flowers on the page????? 
Tell me what you think?

Have a great weekend everyone,
thanks for looking
Cheers Adriana XX :)


Sandra said...

Love it Adriana and I definitely think boys can have flowers on their page, you only have to look at this one to see it looks fabulous.

Heather Jacob said...

another stunner my friend ... love the distrssing here x

Lizzy Hill said...

Course a boy page can have just proved it GF:):):) HOWEVER, I find them REALLY hard to fact, I simply can't bring myself to...but I am NOOOOO flower gal......LOVE the contrast of colours going on with the b&w photo, too:):)

Cathy McGrath said...

Absolutely! Flowers look great on a boy page. I think a break from the cogs etc is a breath of fresh air. Beautiful work again Adriana!

Tracey said...

Beautiful work these contrasting colours, great photo..super cute!

Home sweet home said...


Wonderful layout,lovely papers and the photo is so sweet:)

Wish you a lovely weekend:)


Cindy Gay said...

So sweet!

Margaret Mifsud said...

Gorgeous layout Adriana. You know I make cards and I don't tend to put flowers on the boy ones but I've seen quite a few boy layouts with flowers and they are fabulous so I see no reason not to use them. What you've done with this page is absolutely stunning!! ox

Lizzyc said...

Definitely! boy layouts can have flowers.. I go by the theme of the layout, if it is for my son and it is a grown up layout then i may not use flowers but cogs or paint drops, but these flowers look so sweet on this darling boys layout.. looks wonderful!

Sandie said...

a really charming layout, for such a special little man!!!