Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dreams Do Come True!!!!!

Hi everyone, Hope all is well.... 
and thanks for stopping by today, it has been quite a busy few days lately,
trying to get back to some kind of normal routine, working, school runs and commitments and generally tidying up things at home.....
But for some reason I keep day-dreaming about all the places I just recently been to.

 I have been so, so fortunate and so lucky to see these wonderful and amazing places
 in real life,
and today I will share some of my experiences with you all.

Dreams to come true...well, My Dreams have and today, if you are
interested, I am showing you some of the places I went to with my family.

So here are some of my photos....yes, I say SOME because I have over 4000 photos in total to edit and look at. ....... need to find the time to do this soon!!!!!

We had a wonderful, amazing time and some fabulous experiences along the way.

First stop was 
We have been to Rome before but to show my daughter all the
ancient buildings and walk around the city, was just awesome.
She found it so interesting and all this history behind
every building was fascinating.
We loved Rome, the food, the city and wonderful sites.

Travelled to Naples and then Pompeii.

Next city was FLORENCE and then PISA.
I loved Florence - such an amazing city - so much history and art
Went to the art galleries - saw some fantastic artwork and sculptures.

Starting the day with a big breakfast !!! The biggest grin  !!

It rained a little on this day

Travelled to VENICE - Loved this city also, the islands, atmosphere and a
fabulous gondola ride through the Grand Canal.
Burano Island was a highlight of the visit here too.

Then on to PARIS.......wow we had the best days here too.....so many photos
I leave some of them to scrap... HEE HEE  !!

Disneyland PARIS

The whole month of October is Halloween Month in Disneyland
the Main Street was decorated with pumpkins and beautiful gardens.
There was a street parade and celebration fireworks to end the trip.

Luxenburg Gardens - Paris - so amazing and beautiful was this huge parklands -
a place where the locals go to relax, so we did too and had
bought a picnic lunch.

Inside the Lourve.

Then the last stop -
London - I still have more photos to edit

So many wonderful memories shared with my family.
Many more scrapping pages and journalling to create very soon
about our wonderful adventures ....

Everytime I look at these photos - I wish I was back there to
see it all again..... maybe one day we will go back :)

Thanks for looking :)

Back very soon..... with some creative inspirational projects to share with you all.
Take care 
Cheers Adriana XXX


Lizzy Hill said...

These photos are just fabulous! And it brought back such memories for me looking at them:) we spent a month in London, a week in Firenze, a week in Napoli, & 3 weeks in Paris!!!! Plus we've been to the other spots - all except for Pisa, so I was sooooo sighing with delight over your photos:):) LOOOVED them to bits......keep them coming:):)

Amanda Baldwin said...

Amazing Adriana! Thankyou for sharing a small snippet of what truly looks like the trip of a lifetime! (Even more envious now I've seen some of ur pics! !!) Simply amazing and so pleased you all enjoyed! :)

Lizzyc said...

Oh wow these photos look wonderful.. what a fantastic time you have had.. love the photos, 2 of my kids have been over there too and went to some of those places.. look forward to seeing them scrapped .... one day!!

Gayle Price said...

Hey, you finally got there !! So happy for you, I know how much you have always wanted to go to Paris. Lucky you ! Wonderful photos, the weather looks like it was kind as well. Enjoy your memories. xx

kerriegurney said...

Adriana thanks for sharing some snippets of your trip ..they all take me back to our trip last year and i love that ...can't wait to see your photos scrapped ♥

Heather Jacob said...

sooooooooooooooo beautiful .. love love these photos x

Alison Bevis Papercrafter said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous holiday - and lots of photos coming to layouts soon? :)

Denise van Deventer said...

Awesome photo's Adriana and wondrful that you could visit these amazing places with your family! These are certainly beautiful places....Europe is just so different and has so much history! Travelling is so very good for the soul and gives one a different perspective! Keep daydreaming....that's the start to making dreams come true! ;-)

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Oh wow you've been away! What a wonderful trip you had by the looks of it… wow! Stunning photos - so scenic!