Thursday, November 5, 2020


HI everyone Adriana back here again, today I have had a little play with
the Couture Creations FLURO Alcohol Inks....... 
soon to be released and they are coming to a store near you in the next few weeks!!!!!!! 

There are 10 new FLURO colours!!!
check them out:  HERE 

Now, I am not one for bright colours, and when I saw these I was a bit scared of them!!! 
Yes, the last time I saw FLURO colours like that was in the 80's !!!!  Haahaa !! But having played with them and adding the right combination of colours ---- OOHH!!!!  AAHHH!!!  they are really vibrant and a lot of fun!!
If you like doodling and bright funky colours - then these are for you!!!!! They look fabulous teamed up with a touch of black or silver....

So I created my backgrounds and then I created two very simple Desk Calendars Cards!

I created backgrounds on Yupo paper first with the
FLURO Alcohol Inks for my Desk Calendar cards.....
These would make a great teacher's gift or Christmas card for anyone of any age group and
by adding a Calendar Tab for 2021 - how perfect would this look on a desk!!!

Using the white Yupo paper trimmed to fit to the black base card stock and using the following colours
in this order as well - to great a wonderful rainbow effect.

CO727958 Fluro Green
CO727959 Fluro Blue
CO727965 Fluro Purple
CO727953 Fluro Red
CO727954 Fluro Burnt Orange
CO727956 Fluro Orange
CO727951 Fluro Yellow

Start by applying a little of the CO727337 Alcohol Ink solution over the yupo paper.

Starting with the yellow first and then the other colours as listed above in that order, from the bottom to the top.

Gently moving the colours around together each other with the fabulous
CO727859 Alcohol ink air blower.

Lovely FLURO rainbow effect - I just love it !!!
The fluro colours are very chalky and when dry have very matte finish, I haven't seen anything like this before in alcohol inks and I really think they are fabulous!! 

Once all the Fluro Alcohol ink colours are around the Yupo paper, leave to completely dry.


Adhering this rainbow coloured yupo paper on to black card and adding in the centre,
a small Calendar tabs for 2021.  

Then I stamped some new sentiments, which are perfect for the creative soul!!! 
Using a permanent black ink pad.

Don't forget to grab your calendar tabs soon !!  Hurry while stocks last !!!  - 
How perfect is this to give to someone for Christmas!!
A colourful and creative card that will last for the whole year!!!

How cool does this look ???  I splashed a bit of Pearl Silver Alcohol Ink around the edges on the black card stock - to make it look a bit arty !!!

I also created another desk calendar card - this time with only two colours of the FLURO alcohol inks

CO727959  Fluro Blue 
CO727951 Fluro Yellow
These two colour together will make a hint of green
and that how the green appears on this Yupo paper. Totally cool effect !!

Adding some stamped leaves around the edges and some doodling with a white permanent pen around the edges of the black card stock.

So thanks for stopping by today.
I hope you are all staying safe and have fun playing with the Fluro Alcohol Inks!

Cheers Adriana XX

CO727958 Fluro Green Alcohol Ink
CO727959 Fluro Blue Alcohol Ink
CO727965 Fluro Purple Alcohol Ink 
CO727953 Fluro Red Alcohol Ink
CO727954 Fluro Burnt Orange Alcohol Ink
CO727956 Fluro Orange Alcohol Ink
CO727951 Fluro Yellow Alcohol Ink
CO727337 Alcohol Ink solution 
CO727748 Calendar Tab for 2021



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