Sunday, January 30, 2011

Inspiration is all around us.

I am amazed by the range of wonderful, artistic and creative people in the scrapbooking world. Their talents are inspiring and are found everywhere on the internet and magazines. They inspire me to create and dream, to have a go.

Scrapbooking is more than a placement of a photo on a page. It is ART. For me its an avenue of discovery, being creative and artistic, also enjoying making things with your hands.

Everywhere you look there is inspiration. Everyday moments, everyday coincidences all inspire our creativity. The ordinary thing or moment becomes extraordinary.

I see beauty in the ordinary things we do everyday. Walking along the beach, waving to our neighbour, while watering the garden. Looking at a stack of papers, vintage lace, vintage photos. Looking at windows of shops, trash and treasure markets. Beauty and treasures that you can find everyday to inspire you.

I find beauty in many things, yesterday it was looking at me. While I was doing the washing and hanging out the clothes on the line to dry, I was hanging out my daughter's T-shirt, it was a Pumpkin Patch brand. My daughter loves this t-shirt, she has worn this shirt many times. The silver glitter designs on the shirt, glittered and sparkled in my eye. I looked at it, then ... AAH HAA moment happened. This could be a great design for a scrapbook page.

The T-shirt was toned in pinks and silver, I did mine with purples, greeen and silver.

Here is a photo of the t-shirt.

Hopefully in the next day or so my page will be complete.

Stay tuned. Thanks you looking. Adriana *X*

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Be Mine. Always Adore.

On the 14th February it is Valentines Day. I don't believe in buying expense gifts just because today is Valentines day. A small token of love or just a beautiful card, especially made with loving hands with a special message saying I love you today and everyday.Or maybe you can have the kids looked after by the grandparents and you can have a lovely night in, just the two of you.
" Be Mine.Always.Adore". It's all romantic and thoughtful. I dream that everyone has a loving valentines day, 365 days of the year, not just for one day. What a wonderful world that would be.....

Here is a card I have made to inspire you, hope you like it. "Forever & Always"

Thanks for looking. Till next time Adriana *X*

My first blog! Let's go!

Create * Inspire * Dream  I created my first blog. Its the first time for me to let my creative wings fly. I now have my own blog. We all have a creative spirit within ourselves, we just need to know how to unleash our inner spirit. Once we find our creative spirit, we inspire ourselves and hopefully others. Our creative spirit takes all kinds of forms, whether its painting, collage art, card making or scrapbooking and even cooking. It all creative and all inspiring.

The reason I started this blog was to create a diary or journal of my crafts. No one has to like it, but if they do, well, that's a bonus. No one has to approve it or give it an award. I love what I do, it makes me happy. I feel happy when I scrapbook, make cards etc, I enjoy it. That's what scrapbooking is all about, enjoying it and having fun a long the way, that's what life is for, enjoy every moment. If I inspire one person, well that's a bonus too.

Each week I will blog, CREATE something unique, INSPIRE others to have a go and DREAM a little dream.
This is my new year's resolution for 2011.

Till next time. Adriana *X*