Monday, February 21, 2011

100 years old

What would you do if you turned 100 years old!
Just imagine what you would have seen and heard, what everyday things we now take for granted were not available 100 years ago. Things have changed, developed and improved. A lovely lady is turning 100 years old very soon.

I have been asked to make a card for this special lady and here is it.

Front page

Thanks for looking *Adriana* XX

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bird Crazy

Outside in the garden there are parrots eating my pears on my pear tree. The pears are not quite ripe yet, but the birds are having fun filling their bellies, one by one. We put a bird net around some of the branches, so maybe we will have a least a basket full of pears in the next couple of weeks, (if we are lucky).
I made a bird card, for a special person, for their birthday. At least I can keep this bird in control.

Thanks for looking. Adriana *X*

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For my love

Yes yesterday was Valentines Day. Happy Loving to all

My daughter and I made this cute card / tag for my precious husband and father. He is a one in a million.
Love you heaps.

Love to all *Adriana* xx

Thursday, February 3, 2011


The study and research of BIRDS.

Last year I entered in the Royal Adelaide Show a double page of this topic. Here is a photo of this spread. I made a little book - Bird guide - to reproduce what a person would write and draw when studying birds. Also did a collage of two birds.

I remember my teacher in grade 7 had a brother who was a professor in Ornithology. He studied different bird calls and recorded them on tape. He later received a grant to produce a machine, which was placed in the adelaide parklands. This machine had all his recordings of different species of birds in surrounding Adelaide.
You pushed a button on this machine and it would play about 12 different bird sounds. This was fascinating as a child. Unfortunately this machine is no longer there, but the time and effort to record, follow in detail and observe birds, was interesting and rewarding for this man.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


BIRDS. I just love birds, on cards, in scrapbooking pages and in pictures and canvases.

I made this small collage canvas in put in my craft room/study. I love the little birdie on top of the canvas. This would look great in a set of four or six together on the wall.
I will end up making a few more all a little bit different.

thanks for looking. *Adriana*

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inspiration from T-shirt

Last time I posted a photo of my daughter's t-shirt design. From that design, it inspired me to make this scrapbook page of my daughter.....

Inspiration comes from the little every day things we wear.


I choose different colours - green, purple and silver. The silhouettes of the free spirited little girl come from a new Australian chipboard company called "Imaginarium Designs". They are so cute. You can paint them, stamp them and ink them. They look great in black as well. I thought it would be better in silver for this lay out.

Thanks for looking. Adriana *X*