Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Believe in your Dreams CRC#58

"Believe in your dreams"
Everyone has dreams and daydreams, you will often hear someone say " When I grow older I wish to travel......" or "One day when i retire I can........." or "If I had more time I would.......". Maybe quietly inside ourselves we all dream of a better world, better life or spending more time with family and friends. Dreams are good we all need them, like setting goals in life.
Have a dream, dream it, you never know it may come true.

The reason I started this blog was to create a diary or journal of my craft and my ideas. No one has to like it, but if they do, well that's a bonus. No one has to approve it or give it an award. I love what I do, it makes my happy, I feel good about it and if I inspire one person, that's great too. This is my dream to Create.

I created this card based on "The Colour Room" blog, Sketch #58 ,click on the icon on the side bar of my blog to follow the link.

Thanks for looking and keep dreaming. *Adriana*

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