Thursday, August 4, 2011


All boys love Pirates, and I think that every boy has had a Pirate theme
birthday party at least once.
I love the treasure hunt and find the greatest treasure of all
(CHOCOLATE COINS). hearties!!!!

My nephew had a Pirate Theme Birthday several years ago.
So, I decided to do a scrap layout of his fun day, he was of course, Captain Skull.
His birthday cake was in the shape of an Treasure Island, complete with lakes,
trees and of course a treasure chest.
I had fun making the little map and if you look much closer you will
see a little message in a bottle and a skull and bones

Have a great week everyone, thanks for looking and love your comments.
*Adriana* :)


Lizzyc said...

AARRRR!! this is JOLLY good!! love the pirate theme!!

Tracey said...

Very Cool layout..your pirate theme looks fab. You have such an eye for detail!